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I work with women-identified creatives, guides, and coaches whose work is countercultural, liberatory, and revolutionary in nature. 

They are, through their work in the world, trying to do away with the old status quo which benefits from the oppression and extraction of people for profit. Rather, the women who I work with are creating businesses out of their messages, passions, and artistry and that are born from consciousness, awareness, possibility, relationship, and a deep belief in not perpetuating norms that are harmful and hurtful. They use their businesses as an answer to the question “what am I doing to benefit others while also sustaining myself?”

The women who choose to partner with me, know that in order to create a sustainable business that has the ability to exist differently, together we must hold a shared vision that considers more than just the business we are co-creating. Our shared vision must be vast and wide, hold space for the full spectrum of life + relationships, and also include emergent ways of doing business.

These standards and boundaries help us to make sure that the businesses we are creating and the relationship we are engaged in while working together are as nourishing as they can possibly be.

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If this resonates with you, if you read the words above and thought to yourself “that’s my business” or “I want that for my business,” then you’re looking for growth + impact and ways to do business differently.

You’re not looking for more of the same, you’re looking for better, more sustainable, more regenerative strategy and planning to get your ideas in the world.

You’re looking to work with someone who will look out for you and your business, because she cares about your message and wellbeing. And because she also wants to see you win. 

That’s why you’ve landed on my virtual home.

Think of me as an active participant in your business, a strategic partner who has the same vision for the world as you do (one that extends beyond business), and a collaborator who will help you to further your message and vision in the most valuable sustainable ways.

I’m one part strategist, one part project manager, and one part mentor. I bring grounding, structure,and form to ideas that are ready to fly and support the women doing the flying.

I offer one-on-one short term partnerships, as well as longer term partnerships that are created to help you to gain overall business clarity, launch a course or group, or get the foundation of your business firmly planted.

You and I are potentially a good fit if your stage of business is the following:

  1. You’ve been doing this for 3+ years and have a consistent monthly income.

  2. You’ve successfully sold products, it’s time now to speed and scale.

  3. You have a rigorous body of work. You know your stuff and are long past reinventing the wheel.

  4. You’re looking for your business to have a more impactful footprint, one that is beyond money and profit.

Take a moment and grab a copy of my intro packet by filling out the form below. The packet details who I am, how I work, what I offer, and my pricing for partnerships. This packet will help you to determine if I’m a good fit for you and your business. If after learning more about me and my work you want to explore further, instructions for next steps will also be included.


Want To Explore Working Together?

  1. Sign-Up For My Intro Packet
    Take a moment and grab a copy of my intro packet by filling out the form below. The packet details who I am, how I work, what I offer, and my pricing for partnerships. This packet will help you to determine if I’m a good fit for you and your business.

  2. Application
    If after you receive and review my intro packet you’d like to explore working together, simply begin the process by filling out my application. Access to the application can be found in the intro packet or the accompanying email. This application will help to get to know your business, but more importantly it will help to get to know you. As part of submitting your application, you’ll also be asked to schedule your discovery session with me.

  3. Discovery Session
    Our discovery session will be 30-45 minutes and take place via Zoom. During this session we will spend some time really getting to know each other. We’ll review the answers you submitted on your application. This is a time for you to get to know me as well as for me get to know you because we both have to mutually feel a vibe for our work together to be successful. Note: There is $50 fee for discovery sessions. If an agreement to work together is established, the $50 fee will be credited towards any work we do together. You can read why I charge for consultations here.

  4. Working Together
    If after we have our discovery session we mutually decide to work together, I’ll get the ball rolling and get you onboarded.

    Are You In?
    If yes, simply fill out the form below and let’s get started